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What We Offer



Baron Optical Services Inc. specializes in on site preventive maintenance and service for microscopes of all brands.  We extend our services from the Western New York area up to Rochester and across to Albany.  If you are unsure about us servicing at your location feel free to give us a call anytime!

We use our experience to perform thorough:

  • Exterior Cleaning

  • Lens Examination / Polish

  • Optical Inspection for Alignment

  • Interior Lubrication 

  • All Objectives Inspected and Cleaned

  • Mechanical Parts Checked for Functionality

  • Clean and Lube all Mechanical Parts

After each scope is serviced, we provide a service sticker that includes our company name, email, phone number, the date of service completed and the date of the next service due.  We also supply a detailed service report that includes the above mentioned as well as location of the scope, serial number, services performed, any parts that may be used, and any further recommendations.  All microscope manufacturers recommend regular maintenance and service by a trained professional in order to extend the longevity of their product. 


  • NIST Certifications

  • Scope Calibrations

  • Tool Makers Scope Certifications

  • Comparator Cleanings 

  • Phoropter/Refractor Cleanings

  • Ophthalmic Equipment Repairs and Setup 

  • Custom Lighting Options

  • We Have the Ability to Custom Fabricate Scope Setups for your Specific Applications. 


At Baron Optical Services Inc. we work with each and every customer to find a cost effective and convenient repair solution.  We understand the investment of a microscope, so protect it with service done right and trouble free operation.  

We take the time to speak with each operator of said scope before and after our services to ensure their satisfaction. 


After the repair is completed, it goes through the preventive maintenance and service procedure.  


Our main priority is to extend the life of each scope for as long as possible.  However, there are times where a new scope may be needed. 


If you or your business need a new or refurbished scope, feel free to contact us and we will figure out which scope fits best for your situation. 


Baron Optical Services Inc. associates with many top brands of microscopes so don't hesitate to call or ask about any scope you are looking for.  We will make it happen!

Check out our sales page to see some of our most common items!  We also sell just about anything that you may need, just give us a call or email and we'll make sure we get you what you need! 


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